Some quick updates

It was mentioned to me at NIPS that not everyone is on Facebook all the time and so it behooves me to post a few links here of some stuff that’s happened over the past few months. I’ll be better about cross-posting in the future, I promise!

  • As a result of a lunchtime conversation, I built a site, which quickly turns latex into a linkable image, like this:
  • During the US election we put up a little widget that allowed users to express whether or not they voted. I wrote up a little blog post analyzing the results of those clicks here. Here’s a teaser pic:
  • My manager, Cameron Marlow, got a shout out in the New York Times magazine (albeit with some awkward phrasing =D).
  • Brendan O’Connor joined us this past summer and did some awesome work understanding the relationships between concepts as expressed on our page graph. I always get a kick out of this plot he made:
  • Sometimes people like to ask what I’ve been working on. Among other things, for the past few months I’ve been helping out on Facebook Places, and not just the promo video.

I’m probably forgetting a bunch of other stuff that’s happened this fall.



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5 responses to “Some quick updates

  1. Latex tool would be even nicer if it did anti-aliased images

  2. Chong Wang

    cool! it looks like the entry box of musth a “space” in the beginning, otherwise it will drop “\”. for example “\alpha” only produce alpha.

  3. jhammerb

    I use for turning LaTeX into images on the web.

  4. Thanks for the pointer! That eqneditor is pretty spiffy despite being written in php and lacking gratuitous Facebook social widgets =).

  5. I made a crappy shell around Google’s TeX equation image service a while back. I used it only once though.

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