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A new home for Facebook data team publications

Brendan (who will be joining us this summer, natch!) pointed out yesterday that we don’t have a repository for the papers we’ve published here at Facebook. We moved fast. Now you can find them by clicking on the “Papers” tab of the Facebook Data page. Happy reading everyone!


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Oh god, now there’s another video of me online

Recently I got to participate on a panel / give a talk as a part of the NAE Seattle Grand Challenges Summit. Let me thank Ed Lazowska for putting together such a great panel — Alon Halevy, Larry Smarr and Catharine van Ingen. I think I got a contact high just from being around such awesome researchers.

Anyhow, a video has surfaced of my talk. I would recommend against watching it, unless you want to see me nebbish my way through a five minute talk.

There’s also some more coverage here.

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