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Fun with names

In line with a previous post I decided to have some more fun with names.

I used the census names data to generate 200 names by taking a random first name and a random last name and combining them. The first names were chosen 50/50 from the male and female lists. All the random choices were done uniformly so that I’d get “interesting” names instead of a bunch of Dave Joneses.

For each of the names I asked five mechanical turkers to judge the person to whom the name belongs on six axes:

  • Hero or villain?
  • Trustworthy or untrustworthy?
  • Attractive or unattractive?
  • Sophisticated or naive?
  • Powerful or weak?
  • Outgoing or reserved?

There were a few methodological issues that I need to sort out at some point. And I’m going to keep the full results secret for a little longer but I thought I’d share a few quick aggregate results:

  • Most heroic – Kurt Rollin
  • Most Villainous – Toney Prus
  • Most outgoing – Jeanie Bainard
  • Most reserved – Jesusita Fondaw
  • Most trustworthy – Laureen Hodgen
  • Most untrustworthy – Robbie Holck
  • Most sophisticated – Cecille Legat
  • Most naive – Ramon Smialowski
  • Most powerful – Rich Keaty
  • Most weak – Bonnie Wurz
  • Most attractive – Whitney Okano
  • Least attractive – Freddy Doughtery

How do you guys and gals read these names (and other ones)? Let me know in the comments!



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